New Bat Time (and Date!), Same Bat Channel

If you’re wondering what the ‘bat’ refers to, no, it’s not a Goth thing.  It’s what is sometimes called a ‘cultural reference’.  Although, if you ever watched the old ‘Batman’ television series, you may wonder at my use of the word ‘cultural’.

At the end of each programme – which generally ended on a cliff hanger – the announcer would say: “Tune in next week; same Bat time, same Bat channel”. Well, as of this month, “Book It!” is changing its bat time – and date – though not, I’m happy to say, our bat channel.  We’re very proud and pleased to remain with Sine FM, 102.6 in our home town of Doncaster, England; and around the world via

However, from August 2012, “Book It!” will be heard on the last Saturday of the month, from 10 am while 11. Our next broadcast is therefore on Saturday 25 August, at 10.

And what a line up we’ve got, too!  Local – and first time – novelist Craig Hallam will be discussing his new book, “Greaveburn”, a steampunk extravaganza which is out now.   In the book review spot, Angela Wren will give her impressions of Joanne Harris’s latest book, “Peaches for Monsieur le Cure”.  Last but not least, Barnsley writer Vasiliki Scurfield will be reading her story, “The Bottle”, for us. Vasiliki is an excellent writer, and I’m very pleased that she is returning to “Book It! ”  And, as is usual with “Book It!”, an eclectic mix of music, given that each track is chosen by that month’s guests.

Incidentally, if you’re an author who would like to be interviewed on Book It! about your work, or a local writer who would like to come on the show and read one of your stories, please contact me at

–          Sheila North

Sheila is a freelance writer, poet, proof-reader, and editor who also leads writers’ workshops. Her fantasy novel, “The Woodcutter’s Son” is due out shortly on Amazon.  She has been presenting  ‘Book It!’ since January 2010.


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