Half a Million Listeners for Your Short Story?

Would you like your short story to be heard by an audience of potentially half a million people, or even more?

Monday, 12 November, through Sunday, 18 November, is ‘National Short Story Week‘, and Doncaster area writers are getting involved. Stories will be broadcast on Sine FM (102.6 FM) that week, as well as online on sinefm.com. In addition, the Sine broadcast will be part of an overall, national event – meaning your story may be heard by even more people, across the UK.

If you live in the Doncaster area, and would like to take part, please send a short story which is 10 minutes long when read aloud to sheila@sinefm.com no later than Saturday, 20 October. The five stories which are chosen for broadcast will be what I and another reader consider to be the best of those submitted. Stories must not have been previously published or broadcast. There is no limitation as to what you can write about, as long as it is fiction, and suitable for broadcast before the watershed.  By taking part, you are also agreeing that you will record the story for broadcast on Sine FM.

The plan as I understand it is to broadcast all the stories at the same time each weekday, then again as one programme on Saturday, 17 November.

Here is a link to the National Short Story Week website:


Here is a link to Sine Fm’s website:


Good luck, and happy writing!

Sheila North

Sheila is a freelance writer, poet, proof-reader, and editor who also leads writers’ workshops. Her fantasy novel “The Woodcutter’s Son” is due out this month on Amazon.  She has been presenting  ‘Book It!’ since January 2010.


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