Book Signings: Imagination v Reality!

Recently, I was invited to do a book signing at Doncaster Central Library.  Being new to the ‘writer’s’ world’, I approached the event with the feeling of stepping into the unknown. I shared the afternoon with Phil Baker, a fellow member of Doncaster Writers’ Group. The reality was that the whole thing was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, with everyone showing a keen interest, and Phil and I feeling extremely comfortable and relaxed. It did feel a bit surreal, though: I mean, it’s people like Joanne Harris and Richard Benson who do book signings.  Yet, there we were: answering questions and signing books and having a great time.

A couple of weeks later, I did a signing by myself at Hatfield Library, which was very successful and an absolute joy.  People who were known to me came along; others whom I hadn’t seen in years, and even some I had never met before helped make the event a lively and successful one.

So there we are: to anyone contemplating writing and self-publishing, I say give it a go; think hard first, though, as it does involve time, work and a large dose of self belief.  Having said that, I would be quite happy to come along to talk and do book signings if any group is interested in holding such an event.

My book is about the life of a young girl as she goes through her nurse training in the late 1940s.  Based on my own experiences, its themes include duty, love, laughter, and heartache, and the title is ‘Just As It Was’. The book is on sale at the Tourist Information Office, ‘The Blue Room’. 38-40 High St., Doncaster.  Also available from: Buy-biographies and memoirs-Lyn Wilkinson-‘Just As It Was. Price £7-49.

Lyn Wilkinson

Lyn is a retired nurse, and member of Doncaster Writers’ Group. She is the author of two books: ‘Love in a Haystack’, and ‘Just as It Was’.  She was the winner of the 2011 ‘Book It!’ poetry competition.

Contact me on 01302-883524, or email


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